Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser ||| Review

I came across this product in Holland and Barrett. It was reduced so I decided to give it a try. The key ingredients in this moisturiser are coconut oil, apple cidar vinegar, witch hazel, acidophilus and essential oil of sweet orange. It is free of parabens, petrochemicals and detergents.

Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser ||| Review

Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser ||| Review

It is suitable for dry to normal skin types. The bottle stands at 50ml and lasts 12 months. Although it states that it is light I would say the texture of this cream would be on the heavier side. It has a citrus scent like apricots. The cap of the bottle is a bit strange though the suction doesn’t look very promising. I really don’t know how it works but it does, but if your nearing the end of the bottle it may be challenging. (Shown below)

Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser ||| Review

I was using this cream for about three days had no problems. It left my skin very moisturised which lasted all day long. It worked as a good base before applying my make up aswell. Then after the three days my face had red patches of dryness. At first I thought maybe it was just my skin adjusting to the change of a new product so I carried on using it for around a month. Probably not the best plan since my skin wasn’t improving but I thought maybe the smallest chance. Nope the patches of dryness were not going away. It was quite disappointing because it was so mositurising in the beginning. If you have sensitive skin I wouldn’t recommend this product. I have tried products in the past that were for dry to normal skin types and didn’t have a problem with them.

Have you tried products from the Yin Yang Range?

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