7 Ways To Keep A Healthy Weight


7 Ways To Keep A Healthy WeightImage via go-spaces


Reach for healthy snack alternatives.Snacking on seeds, nuts and fruit. Keeping them in jars and containers can be real handy when your looking to snack out. You can get creative too. Apple slices dipped with honey, sunflower seeds with blueberries.

Plan out your food shopping in advance. This will avoid any unnecessary produce that may be adding more inches to your waistline. Focusing on the foods that you think will be the better choice. Another tip would be to go shopping just after you have eaten.

Using smaller plates. This cuts the calories consumed.When seeing food on a smaller plate we visualize the food in a different light. The portion size looks smaller therefore we don’t need to add any more.

Start Juicing.Ā Getting all the benefits of both the vitamins and minerals. With Juicing you can consume more fruit and vegetables, leaving yourself fuller for longer without adding any inches. In this way it aids with unwanted hunger bouts for treats.

Try making your own sauces and dressings.Ā Most sauces and dressings contain sugar and calories.Why not make your own from apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes the list goes on depending on what sauce or dressings you want.

Inhale peppermint oil.Ā This helps to kick food cravings. A study made by the wheeling Jesuit University showed that participants who inhaled the oil every two hours over a period of five days felt less hunger and had less cravings.

Change the colour of your plates. Using a different colour plate to the food you consume can be helpful in the amount of food you serve on your plate.Those who eat off similar coloured plates tend to serve up 20 per cent more, a study has shown.

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