The 10 Bad Beauty Habits

I think everyone including myself have at some point decided to take shortcuts in their beauty routines. Whether it’s all 10 bad beauty habits or just a few. And if you haven’t good for you gal!

1) Washing your make up brushes and sponges when they start to look really dirty

10 bad beauty habitsImage via Pixabay by annca

Cleaning your brushes and sponges may seem very tedious but who knows what kind of bacteria they are carrying. Waiting for breakouts and all kinds of rotten stuff to erupt on your face is not a good look. Just thinking this creeps me out and motivates me. What about you? Taking care of your brushes and sponges properly also extends their lifespan. Ensuring that your washing them effectively by using a natural shampoo or mild baby shampoo at least once a week, shall do the trick. Relying on one brush to do your foundation may make you want to speed up the brush drying time. This may mean using the blow-dryer. Always have another brush you can fall back on. Air drying keeps the brush heads in shape and in their best condition.

2) Going to bed with your makeup on

This is probably the most common bad habit. Most of the time it is not intended, your out late and too tired to wash it all off. This however is probably not the best thing to do, as it  does have an effect on your skin. During the night is when the skin renews itself, with a face full of makeup it can’t. The results are clogged up pores and lose of collagen leading to acne and wrinkles.

The eyes don’t escape it either, mascara can cause irritation and eye infections such as conjunctivitis.

Maybe stock up on make up wipes. Your skin will thank you. The next time you find yourself to tired just grab your compact mirror and a pack of make up wipes. Least it will take most of your make up off.

3) Sharing your besties make up products

10 bad beauty habitsImage via Pixabay by Unsplash

This seems harmless but your actually spreading germs. Sharing brushes without cleaning in between uses can spread infection, especially if you’re using them on your eyes and lips. Our skin regularly carries bacteria viruses and fungi. Think about it, our skin is exposed to all kinds of environmental factors such as pollution and dust.

If you like a make up product your bestie has, test it on your hand or go to the same store she brought it from and ask for a sample.

4) Trying to extend the lifespan of your make up, past it’s sell by date

Those expensive mascaras, foundations, gel eyeliners the list may go on. Sometimes you may never use all of it, or just opened it once forgetting to use it. Then you might try to extend the lifespan even though it’s out of date. I’ve heard stories from a few of my friends about what they use, when they find themselves in this situation. Using water and other liquids, need I say anymore.

If it is mascara or gel eyeliners you are probably at risk at developing eye infections. When buying make up maybe try to avoid over splurging in products that you aren’t necessarily going to use most often.

5) Fiddling with hair and face

10 bad beauty habitsImage via Death To Stock

You may have had a stressful week at work and before you know it, your twisting your hair with your fingers.

Wrapping your hair around your finger is that thing that happens probably unknown to ourselves. I know I find myself doing this from time to time but have recently stopped. This pulling of the hair causes damage to the root leading to thinning of the hair. Then there’s the split ends that arise, of course they ain’t pretty.

Can’t keep your hands off your face? Picking at your face spreads the bacteria from your hands to it. It can also cause redness, scars and eruptions.

Carrying a stress ball wouldn’t go a stray when finding yourself in a stressful situation.

6) Squeezing that spot

Whether its an important event your going to or somewhere special, you look in the mirror and see this huge spot. It’s not easy having the most annoying spot, you want to get rid of it. It’s so tempting to just pop it. This however just might cause damage to your skin if doing it all the time. Unfortunately there is no quick solutions 😦

This only leads to acne scars and more acne forming on the surface. This happens because when you squeeze a spot, your just injuring your pore in that area. It looks as though the skin just heals over the area but in fact bacteria gets trapped within, resulting in more acne forming.

To reduce the redness, use eye-drops. Dip a cotton bud into the drops and gentle dap onto the spot. Make sure to get the eye drops that reduce redness in order for it to work its magic.

7) Lying in the sun all day long

10 bad beauty habitsImage via Pixabay by Unsplash

Everyone knows the dangers of lying out in the sun. Exposure to the sun for a long period of time and regularly can increase the risk of skin cancer. But not only that premature aging as the UV rays break down the collagen and elastic within the skin.

8) Lip picking

10 bad beauty habitsImage via Pixabay by Unsplash

Having dry and chapped lips doesn’t look good. That’s why we always have the urge to just peel off any flakes that may be present. It’s not as harmless as you may think though. This causes more flakes and dryness to happen again and again.

Looking after your lips by regularly exfoliating and moisturising will put them back on track. Keep a lip balm in your hand bag, that way you can easily reach for it when on the go.

Being dehydrated is another cause of dryness so drinking lots of water can help too.

9) Nail biting

10 bad beauty habitsImage via Death To Stock

I’d say that nail-biting is probably the most hardest habit to quit. I know myself, because I was one. It’s not impossible though. Think about the route cause as to why your biting your nails, is it due to trauma, anxiety etc.

It takes time for your nails to recover from nail-biting, it doesn’t happen overnight. Just cause you feel that your nails haven’t grown in a week or two, doesn’t mean they aren’t.

You can keep your nails moisturised with jojoba oil.

10) Blowing money on new beauty trends

Beauty trends come and go but every year you may find yourself being enticed into buying them, even though you might only use them once or not at all. Every year there is new trends out there, available on beauty counters but really do those bright eye shadows or bold lip shades suit everyone. You buy them, rip open the packaging and slap it on and realise jeez that colour looks horrendous.

Always ask for a sample of something you find appealing before actually rushing for the cash.

Breaking those 10 bad beauty habits might not be easy but at least we can all try.Thanks for reading,














  1. startwithstyle · September 10

    I agree with all!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. anspiring · September 10

    I’m the worst with 4, 5, and 6. My mum always gets on my back about it and I’m glad she does!!! :/ xx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. beautyholics101 · September 21

    I’m am so bad about not twirling my hair! I have wavy curls so I’m always touching them and twirling and pulling on them to make them bounce back up 😂 but it was still a great post! I enjoyed reading 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • That's Alli · September 23

      Thanks hun. Don’t worry, I used to be the same especially when I got my hair cut shorter 😉


  4. Thoughts in Life · November 20

    Most of these mistakes I dont make anymore I am glad, but i constantly find myself picking my lip

    Liked by 1 person

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