Easy Whiten Teeth With One Ingredient?

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Easy Whiten Teeth With One Ingredient?Image via gospaces

Make stained and yellow teeth a thing of the past. Wanna improve your overall mouth health and save money whilst doing this? Why not try out a more holistic way that will beat tooth decay, bad breath and get a whiter smile. Commercial teeth whitening doesn’t come cheap not to mention the damaging effects it causes to tooth enamel from the hydrogen peroxide, used in most teeth whitening procedures. Easy whiten teeth with one ingredient. What’s not to love?


What You Will Need

Organic Cold Pressed Coconut oil ( sesame oil, olive oil any vegetable oil if you don’t like the taste of coconut oil)

A tablespoon


Easy Whiten Teeth With One Ingredient?Image via unsplash by Brooke Cagle

It’s basically a coconut oil mouth wash referred to as oil pulling. Have you not heard this, it is treading everywhere with celebs like Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow swearing by it. It removes toxins from your teeth and gums creating a healthier environment. This is what keeps teeth from developing tooth decay and loss aswell as making gums stronger, reduces inflammation and healing gum disease. So really it decreases the amount of bacteria in the mouth. Of course it sure does whiten teeth and prevent bad breath in the process too. This natural teeth whitening gives gradual results it’s not a quick fix but you will see the difference from regular use (daily or 4 times a week)  It’s a safer alternative to the commercial route.

Other benefits it has

  • Decreases headaches and migraines
  • Helps keep the skin clear (acne, eczema etc)
  • Improves hangovers
  • Improves immune system
  • Prevents heart disease
  • Helps joint pain/ arthritis
  • Helps with sinus infections
  • Detoxification

Interesting Fact

What is interesting is the mouth is a common place for bacteria streptococcus being one. This bacteria can travel to the bloodstream and stop in many parts of the body such as joints, heart etc. A growth of research has found that bacteria within the mouth can effect overall health aswell as causing heart attack and dementia. Sounds scary I know.

The reason I like using coconut oil for oil pulling is because it contains a high amount of lauric acid  which is great for killing germs and I find it good for a range of uses such as cooking. Plus I also like the taste.

Oil pulling is not a new thing, it has been used in India for centuries which is derived from the Ayurvedic technique. It is one of the best natural ways to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

Since using coconut oil for oil pulling I have noticed a difference in both the whiteness and overall health of my teeth and gums. I’m so happy I started using it now. High five to the Ayurvedic technique. The one I use is the Aldi Coco Loco Coconut oil which is reasonably priced at 4 euro.

Here are some studies that have shown oil pulling to be effective here, here and here

How To Oil Pull?

To see a short demonstration on how to oil pull click play

  1. Gather a tablespoon of coconut oil (or preferred oil) and place in the mouth.
  2. Start swishing it around the mouth for 20 minutes. Whilst waiting you can read, clean or even do a little dance LOL, do what you guys do. Be careful not to swallow it as it will contain all that bacteria from the teeth and gums.
  3. Spit in bin. This avoids blocking the drains. Remember the coconut oil will become solid again.
  4. Brush the teeth as normal.

Tips: When starting out you can build yourself up to the 20 minute time frame. Swish for 10 mins then spit and then add another tablespoon and swish for another 10 mins etc. You get what I mean.

Take it easy while swishing. You don’t need to overly swish with force, this will only put your jaw under strain.

Set the 20 minutes on your phone or alarm, that way you know exactly when to spit.

Try to avoid or limit your intake of anything that stains teeth etc coffee or smoking.

To lessen the taste of the coconut oil maybe add a few drops of essential oils that are safe to use in the mouth. Examples of such oils would be peppermint, cinnamon and tea tree. This also gives the gums and teeth more added anti bacterial benefits.

If you have any questions about oil pulling feel free to leave a comment below.

Keep smiling ; )

Thanks for reading,


*I am not a medical professional, I am just sharing my experience on what has worked for me.

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