Eco Fashion, How To be An Eco-Fashionista?


Eco Fashion, How To be An Eco-FashionistaImage via gospaces

Eco friendly fashion was once thought of and categorised into the hippy hey day era. That’s not the case anymore, now people are thinking of ways on how to be an eco-fashionista. Fashion designers such as Stella McCartney have paved the way for change. These days there is more knowledge into the background in which clothing is produced.

There is a lot to be made from clothing in general, there’s no doubt about that. Everybody needs clothing right? The fashion industry is definitely a profitable market.  The manufacturing of clothing can be a way of generating more sales through bad practices. The bad stories are:

child and adult workers being exploited whilst working in unsuitable conditions. Most recently the collapsing of a Bangladesh clothing factory in 2013. 

toxic chemicals being used in fabrics which are both dangerous to our health’s and the environment. The use of pesticides in fabrics can even leak into water supplies.

clothing in the landfill waste has increased worldwide.

Eco Fashion, How To Be An Eco-Fashionista

  1. Recycle Your Unwanted Clothing
  • Instead of throwing your unwanted clothing items in the bin. Bring them to your local clothing bank. Most charity shop nowadays are crying out for clothes, donations of unwanted clothing won’t go a stray. I know in Ireland and the UK, Marks and Spencer’s have bins in store, where you can put your unwanted clothing. In return you receive a 5 euro voucher when you spend 50 euro or more, this excludes the food hall. It is a nice little incentive. H & M have a similar campaign running in their stores.
  • Try swapping clothes with friends and family. You would all be saving money. Many sellers on Depop are open to clothes swaps with their customers too.
  •  The Jazzing up off dull lifeless clothes by DIY can be a fun way of creating quirky        fashionable pieces. You never know, it might even turn into a hobby.

    2. Avoid Buying On The Spur Off The Moment

  • I think everyone’s guilty for doing this, especially when reductions are on. Next time you find yourself running into this situation stop and think.  Ask yourself “Do you really need this? ”  Or wait a day or two. Remember that many stores are trying to sale items that are made of cheap materials, that won’t last. With this regular pattern, you may be throwing good money after bad. Think about shopping for pieces you generally need, that may cost more but in the long run last longer.
  • Next time you have an occasion why not rent a dress. There are many boutiques in Ireland that have a dress rental service. Check the boutiques in your area.

3. Second Hand Shopping

  • Go shopping around the charity shops in your town. It’s the best way to find good quality clothing at next to nothing prices.

4. Try A Hand At Making Your Own

  • Be aware of materials that last longer. Do your research and gather eco-friendly fabrics that last. Making your own clothes is a way of being able to wear quality. Start off small. Rome wasn’t build in a day.

5. Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them

  • It’s always a good idea to wash your new clothing twice before actually wearing them. Natural fabrics like cotton are included in this aswell. Chemicals such as formaldehyde are used in the production of most clothes so it’s best to beware of this.

Finding ways on how to be an eco-fashionista is fun. Green fashion has that appeal, it’s definitely wearable. With ethical brands you can ensure that they are complying with employee rights and are fair trade. Choosing green fashion brands can be challenging if your not familiar with them. Here’s some websites:

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