Review||| My experience on the (Non Peroxide) Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Strips

I was really excited to try out the Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Strips. These teeth whitening strips do not contain peroxide, instead the active ingredient is sodium chloride. Which means its a safer option for your teeth. The home kit contains 28 teeth whitening strips, in which 14 are for the top teeth and 14 for the bottom teeth. The time frame that is required is fifteen minutes each day. Which I thought was great for the result I did get. It also has a tooth shade guide on the top of the box and instructions on how to use them on the back, which I thought was really helpful.

Now I have been trialling these strips for 14 days myself and I have definitely noticed a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. On first application I found them quite easy to place on my teeth, no fuss. I like the way the strips are clear, they are so discreet no one can even notice that they are on. I didn’t experience any burning or tingling sensations. I would recommend rinsing your mouth really well, after removing the strips as parts of the gel can be left on your teeth. I did also have to use a tooth brush to get rid of the excess gel but this did remove all of it in the end. It does state on the box to avoid smoking, coloured food and drink twenty four hours after each treatment so just to beware of this if you would like to try them out for yourself. I did follow this, as I wanted to achieve the best results possible.

This is what the packaging looks like



This is my teeth before I applied the teeth whitening strips.

before -

This was the process that followed.

After Day six.

After I applied the teeth whitening strips day six

After Day ten.

Day ten

finished result-

Finished result

All and all I would say my teeth went two shades lighter from using these whitening strips. I definitely have a whiter and brighter smile now. I was very happy with the results. If you would like to check this product out you can do so here. It’s RRP is £22.50.

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  1. fromfashionwithlovesite · April 22, 2016

    They look great now!

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  2. Yvonne · April 27, 2016

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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  3. reevasmall · April 28, 2016

    I tagged you in my latest blog post. Be sure to check it out!

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