So What’s All This Matcha Tea About?

I have been hearing so much about matcha tea, since last year. I have been drinking green tea for many years but never thought a ground powder of it even existed. I do prefer the taste of green tea to regular tea, so I wondered what exactly is it about this matcha tea? I just had to give it a try. I came across this website called eat clean tea and ordered there matcha original, priced at 23 euro and a frother (mini mixer) for 5 euro. It also offers free delivery worldwide which is an added plus, who doesn’t like free delivery right? It’s 30 grams of ceremonial grade matcha and lasts one month if consuming two portions a day. They also have a matcha bundle which is three packets that lasts three months, and a monthly subscription option.

The matcha pack consists of the powder and you get a mini spoon to measure out the scoops. It also comes with a full set of instructions on how to make the actually tea, which I thought was very helpful especially if you haven’t made it before.


When you open the powder you get this lovely fresh earthy type smell. The taste is hard to describe it would be different than green tea it has a strong vegetal taste but more sweeter.

Matcha tea has believed to have originated from Japan. The story of how it was brought about was in 1191 A.D, when a Zen monk named Eisai took green seeds from China to Japan. It was in Japan where he spread this idea of grinding up the green leaves into the powder form known as the matcha tea.

The benefits of matcha tea are good too. One cup of this powerful tea is filled with antioxidants, 137 times more than ordinary green tea due to absorbing the whole leaf rather than just a portion. To measure out the nutrition value of the matcha tea there is no comparison, ten cups of ordinary green tea is equal to one cup of matcha tea. Compared to the antioxidants in spinach, broccoli and gojiberries the antioxidants are far greater in this ground up powder. It’s amazing just thinking about it ain’t it? It also has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti tumour effect properties which may reduce the chances of developing cancer and also slow down the free radicals in cancer patients.

It’s great, matcha can be added to smoothies, cakes, soups, brownies and other recipe options you might like it, to be added too. I myself, will definitely  be experimenting with as many different recipes as possible.

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