Review|||Beauty Works Sleek Wrap Around Ponytail

I recently purchased the Beauty Works Sleek Clip-In ponytail in Raven 2. The first thing I noticed when I unravelled it from the packaging was the softness of the hair, even though it is synthetic it felt like human hair.

The design itself is pretty simple which makes it easy to attach. It consists of one comb type grip at the top and two clips on either side of the ponytail, with one side being attached to a braid. I like to take two strands from either side along with the braid and wrap them around, as I have thick hair so I need more to conceal.

The packaging it comes in can be seen here.


It is 18 inches and weighs 70g. I always find myself being cautious about purchasing new hair extensions due to them being too heavy weighing down my head and almost ripping my hair out when trying to tie them up in a ponytail. The question is does it weigh down my head? The answer is no not at all, it’s a great alternative which does not cause pressure on my hair. I love the way it adds instant length to my hair in seconds. It can be worn as a low ponytail and as a high ponytail.

I went for a high ponytail look.


Beauty works sleek wrap around ponytail in Raven 2 – Beauty Works



  • Doesn’t cause pressure on hair
  • Can be styled due to heat resistant fibre
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Blends well with own hair


  • You cannot wash the hair

Would I repurchase? Yes I would, the quality of the synthetic hair is really good and easy to brush. It’s really handy for those days I don’t get time to style my hair, all I do is clip it in and wrap it around and I’m good to go.

Beauty Works is a celebrity luxury hair extensions brand in which clip ins, wefts, pre-bonded and micro rings hair extensions can be brought on their online website. Hair pieces such as fishtail braids, braided headbands, clip in ponytails and clip in buns and other varies styles can also be seen on their website. They also do a variety of hair products and professional tools.

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